Android O incoming Google hosting live stream on Monday (Update: even more Oreo trolling)

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Update 2The suspicious people dont anticipate a lot of what comes from a Googlers social networking accounts just before a new version launching and several Googlers troll quite as tough as Hiroshi Lockheimer SVP of Android Last year Lockheimer pushed Nutella on us repeatedly prior to Android N became Nougat and also this season Android Oreo has cropped up in his feed again and again
Yet now that the tables have become no ones purchasing Lockheimers followup tweet following a movie file using the title GoogleOreoTeaser was picked up on Google watch Update 1 under As amusing as it’d be that Lockheimer Was telling the truth this entire time he’s formally the boy that cried wolf Or if that be Oreo
Update 1We already indicated theres still a chance all of the eclipse material is really a part of this trolling to get its title That Could be Oreo following all We know we might be horizontal wrong That said Google Might Have leaked the title unwittingly on Google A currently deleted tweet courtesy of Android Police identifies a movie document GoogleOreoTeaser0817noDroids 1mp4
Can it be a real escape or just a different Google troll Thats anyones guess at this stage
has been almost one hundred years because weve found a solar panel at the Exact Same scale as the one which sweeps throughout the US on Monday Quite simply its a fairly Major deal Google thinks so too and thats why It’s using the eclipse for a starting point for Android O
Thats right Google has Once More demonstrated how fickle it might be by mentioning It’s Going to show off Android O and observe the eclipse in 240PM ET in an event in Nyc Even better It’ll be more livestreamed As youd expect Google is fairly mum on matters like Android Os title Once We may expect the Pixel two etc
Past rumors floating about have indicated Google may move awayfrom its candy treat naming convention so though It’s worth noting that the Eclipse webpage on Googles site does state Android O is still touching down to ground with the complete solar panel bringing several super sweet fresh powers Thus take that to mean anything you’ll
Whether they’re actually releasing O stating its final title or both We dont know exactly yet But were definitely excited Additionally We Must point out that the Sun beneath an eclipse seems somewhat like a giant oreo from the skies Just saying Have you been awaiting Android O What would you think itll be termed what features are you expecting to see Let’s know in the comments
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