Android Things Developer Preview 5

Posted from Wayne Piekarski,
Developer Advocate to IoT(******************************).

Today, we are publishing Developer Preview 5 (DP5) of Android Things, which
Includes the significant change of being predicated on the forthcoming Android O launch.
Android Things is Google’s system to empower Android Developers to make
Internet of Things (IoT) apparatus, and easily scale from model to

Android O(**********************************).

Android O is currently below Developer
for tablets and phones, and DP5 is now based on this forthcoming
Release (preceding releases were based on Android N).) This signifies Your prospective
Android Things software should aim API 26 to operate properly on the
Platform together with our service libraries.

Hardware Changes

DP5 currently adds support for the new NXP SprIoT
layout, as recorded in our programmer kits documentation.
With Intel quitting the Edison and Joule hardware
These programs are currently moving to heritage support. They won’t continue to
Get the platform upgrades, but programmers may continue to get the
DP4.1 system pictures from the Android Things Console.

An significant Aim of Android Things will be to assist programmers easily scale out of
Prototype to manufacturing. When we depart Developer Preview, We’ll distinguish
Between hardware systems aimed for hardware and prototyping-only mention
Designs which may scale to manufacturing. Production-prepared hardware will suit
Google’s security conditions and include Long-term support in the silicon
Makers. We will probably have more to share in the future.


With that the transfer to the Android O codebase, you will find new API attributes from Android
In addition to specific attributes such as Android Things. For these programmers using
UserDriver APIs, You’ll Need to incorporate permissions to a
AndroidManifest.xml. The documentation
Details about the permissions required for every driver type. DP5 also now
Supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and WebView around the Raspberry Pi 3, that was a highly
Asked attribute from programmers. We also have executed dynamic
pin muxing
to its Raspberry Pi 3, together with hooks being configured in runtime
Based on what attributes are being used.

Android Studio

The samples for Android Things are currently available right in Android Studio to get
Surfing and importing. You may now visit File, New, Import Samples, and also hunt
For Things to determine everything that’s available. We possess a Wide Selection of samples,
Demonstrating how to socialize with programs, sensors, LEDs, and displays
As executing Google Assistant and TensorFlow.

Android Things Console

We recently started
The Android Things
, that offers the capacity to encourage over-the-air upgrades (OTA) to
Android Things apparatus. (***********************************************************************)’ve recently made several UX improvements into the
Console to increase performance and usability. DP5 is available within the
Android Things Console, however, the DP5 upgrade Won’t be pushed automatically to
Apparatus with no intervention. You will probably have to upgrade your program to get
DP5 make a brand new upgrade and push on it yourself.


With Android Things has been upgraded to Android O, important modifications have been
Made into the stage. Please send us your comments by submitting bug
and feature
, and requesting any queries on Stack
. To begin using DP5, utilize the Android Things Console to
Download system pictures and update devices. More info about the
Changes can be found in the release
. You may also combine Google’s IoT
Developers Community
on Google+, a Excellent source to get upgrades and discuss
ideas. Also, we’ve got our brand new
, where everybody can share the incredible projects they’ve assembled!