Google Assistant music controls are now everywhere, and it’s a geek’s dream come true

OK Google Fast Forward

I used to be the one who at all times had her headphones snaked up her blouse. I used to be so attuned to the press wheel on my iPod video — and my iPod mini sooner than that — that I may rapid ahead and rewind my music with out even pulling it out of my pocket with virtually horrifying precision. I do not omit a lot from my iTunes days — particularly now not having to exchange my earbuds as soon as a yr since the proper earpiece on my Sony MDR J20s went out once more — however I actually did omit being in a position to take a seat in overall darkness and rapid ahead or rewind my music with no need to show at the display screen and blind myself.

Thank you, Google Assistant, for after all bringing it again to me.

Google Assistant’s music controls have at all times been reasonably powerful, however most effective on Google Home. In truth, when Google Assistant first changed Google Now on maximum smartphones, music controls noticed a large downgrade as even elementary instructions like Pause and Next Song did not paintings on telephones for a very long time. Eventually, elementary music instructions migrated from Google Home out to different platforms, however the most productive of its instructions have been nonetheless reserved for Google Home: the precision instructions like “rewind 45 seconds” or “fast forward 8 minutes.”

Oh, like you have by no means skipped the start of ‘Funeral for a Friend’ on ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’.

Rewinding and rapid forwarding is one thing that’s not in most cases integrated on music apps’ power notifications, although for a very temporary duration years and years in the past you have to summon a growth bar in Google Play Music’s notification if you happen to knew the name of the game handshake. Even essentially the most complicated music widgets nonetheless can not be offering constant rewind and rapid ahead choices, and so you’ll be able to hit subsequent and earlier monitor the entire livelong day, however to only rewind a few seconds and replay that killer bridge or drum solo, you needed to free up your telephone, open the music app, and search from the Now Playing display screen.

Singing in the shower

The talent to rapid ahead and rewinds music with simply my voice used to be the entire justification I wanted for the Google Home I bought the day it hit retailer cabinets. I most commonly used it within the bathe — a accountability now taken over through my battery-powered Google Assistant-powered TicHome Mini — however I longed to have that talent in every single place as an alternative of simply my toilet. I sought after to make use of it within the automobile when my arms should not be twiddling with any music controls past the amount. I sought after it at paintings so I may regulate music whilst my telephone charged at the different aspect of the regulate room.

I sought after to regulate my music with my voice in every single place, and I after all have it. Google Assistant’s music controls now paintings on Android smartphones and pills, in addition to Android TV, Chromebooks, and Android Auto. “OK Google, fast forward 95 seconds” works when I am within the automobile, the place of work, or making a song within the bathe.

Android Auto supports these commands, too!

“OK Google, rewind 60 seconds while I drive 60 MPH.”

This is not to mention that issues are very best. The music instructions to be had for Google Assistant nonetheless range through platform/app and the collection of music services and products that may be set remains to be pitifully small. YouTube Music is not an possibility in lots of the international locations that have been not too long ago added to the carrier, and for all of Google’s smarts about which tool is the nearest to respond to reply, Google Assistant does not acknowledge whilst tool is enjoying music and reply to a media command there, subjecting me to “Nothing’s playing right now” with miserable regularity.

I am glad we have come to this point with voice controlling music on Android, Chrome OS, and different Google-controlled platforms, however the execution nonetheless wishes fine-tuning. The distinction between what Google Assistant can regulate with a carrier that is tied into it like Spotify or Google Play Music and different music apps that Google Assistant tries to interface with strictly according to power notifications is vast and rising. We want extra music carrier choices with Google Assistant, too, particularly out of the country.

We need more of these

For now although, I will settle in for a nap. “OK Google, fast forward 4 minutes to the softer part of this suite.”

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Google Assistant music controls are now in every single place, and it’s a geek’s dream come true

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