Google Home owners can now access free Spotify accounts

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Google continues to add new services and features into its Google Home connected speaker including more access to streaming audio firms This week that the official Google Home service page has been quietly updated to show that the speaker is now enabling owners using complimentary Spotify accounts to get that version of their favorite service The speaker already can stream audio for readers of Spotifys paid support
Google formerly declared that complimentary Spotify support could be added into Google Home past May in the 2017 Google IO seminar While more than*************) million individuals pay to get a top Spotify subscription there are probably many millions more which simply pay attention to this ceremony through the free ad-supported grade Google Home owners can include their Spotify accounts by visiting the Home program then tap on the Audio choice and then tap on the Spotify choice
Google Home formerly added the following audio service Deezer before in August We’re still awaiting the service for SoundCloud which has been declared in May Earlier this week the company disclosed that the Google Home Preview Program has become liveIt will allow individuals who subscribe to this for first crack at Google Home applications and attribute upgrades before they’re rolled out to everybody else
In case you’re both a free Spotify user along with also a Google Home proprietor how do you really feel about Having the Ability to stream your audio on Your House speaker Let’s know what you think from your remarks
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