Google Home’s Bluetooth support is here. For real this time

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I understand I understand fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me right But it looks like Google Home is actually getting Bluetooth pairing service now
Googles been such a tease with Google Homes Bluetooth pairing performance we all knew that the search giants AI-powered speakers came with a Bluetooth chip from the beginning and that it was Just a matter of time before the business empowered that connectivity attribute Using a software upgrade We saw a glimpse of the upgrade back in July when pick users obtained it by accident That Was instantly handicapped by Google Well it looks like Bluetooth pairing has begun rolling out into Google Home apparatus for real now
Based on a users firmware variant 93937 attracts an alternative under Device configurations to match your Google Home along with other Bluetooth-supported apparatus Whether or not you’re registered in Googles recently declared Preview Program to Google Home shouldnt issue Although Google Home already supports important music streaming solutions in Addition to particular music players which enable projecting Bluetooth support is Fantastic for those People who have Plenty of local documents
The new firmware upgrade ought to be rolling out in waves so be patient if your apparatus doesnt have it yet Nevertheless as Android Police points out some Google Home owners that have already obtained the upgrade report sound lags and muted voices that suggests that this Might Not Be a finalized version or it may just be a stock Android issue something continues to be a problem for some time
Perhaps you obtained the Bluetooth upgrade on your Google Home yet Would you like playing local documents over streaming audio Let us know by leaving a comment below
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