How to get the most comfortable fit for your Oculus Go

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The first day I had my Oculus Go I started twiddling with how to make it fit proper. It’s now not that I’ve the straps too tight or the viewfinder askew. It’s that the darn factor is so top-heavy that my cheeks get started to harm after only some mins. I’d ultimately in finding myself lifting, pulling, twisting, and doing all means of items to take a look at to ease the ache, however to no avail.

After a couple of weeks, I have just about found out the most comfortable positioning I will arrange (regardless that it nonetheless begins to harm after about 30 mins). If you might be suffering to get the proper fit with your Oculus Go, take a look at a few of my ideas.

Adjust the strap hands upward

Oculus Go strap arm

I do know, it kind of feels counterintuitive, particularly if you have got a small head. Rotating the strap hands (the brace that holds the nylon strap) upward is in reality meant to make the headset extra comfortable for better heads. It provides a little bit of slack to the height strap.

Thanks to a tweet from Car, I realized that via rotating the strap hands upward, it relieves a few of the power from the cheeks. I attempted it out and it in reality helped so much. It redirects a few of the power to your brow, which is far better at dealing with additional weight than cheeks.

The simplest drawback to that is that it we could in only a tiny bit of sunshine below the nostril curve, which leads to my 2nd recommendation.

Adjust the headset downward towards your nostril extra

Oculus go inner

To relieve a few of that cheek power, get the backside of the headset over the cheekbones up to imaginable. I will place the headset in order that the interior nostril arc rests frivolously on the bridge of my nostril whilst the view remains to be transparent.

This, blended with the raised strap hands, lifts a large number of power off of the cheeks. Keep in thoughts that if your strap hands are not circled upward, you could put an excessive amount of power on your nostril, which is simply as uncomfortable as placing power on your cheeks.

Wear a cap

Oculus Go with a hat on

This is not perfect — you do not need to concern about model if you are taking part in video games in VR, however a backward ball cap or a beanie cap can in reality make a distinction if you find yourself attempting to keep comfortable for lengthy sessions of time.

This is particularly useful if your head is sufficiently small that the tightest strap adjustment is just a little too large.

If you might be dressed in a ball cap, ensure that to put it on backward so the invoice is on the bottom of your head.

Try to place your hat low sufficient on your brow and the headset prime sufficient that the latter rests on the former. This is helping pull the headset clear of your cheeks a little bit extra and relieves some power from your brow.

Your perfect practices for an excellent fit?

Everyone’s head form is other, so everybody goes to have a unique means for getting the most comfortable fit with their Oculus Go. Do you could have any guidelines for adjusting for the perfect fit? Put them in the feedback.


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How to get the most comfortable fit for your Oculus Go

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