Moto Z2 Force may also have Jelly Scrolling screen effect like OnePlus 5 Download

Moto Z2 Force can also have Jelly Scrolling display result including OnePlus 5Moto Z2 Force Review 11 840x473
The OnePlus 5 has been at the news a Couple Weeks back after users found that an undesirable display result that would eventually become known as jelly scrolling This Creates a scrollable page seem to squash and stretch once swiping down or up it
Today that the people over at XDA Developers have apparently found exactly the Exact Same impact on the Moto Z2 Force additionally In a article printed over the weekend XDA discussed the problem in relation to the Moto Z2 Force prior to demonstrating it in action in a movie Which You Can see below
Though the result is observable in the movie it might not apply to each single Moto Z2 Force device Additionally the lengths to which it’s a problem for the single user of any apparatus affected will change it May Be evident on some peoples apparatus and they may not be completely Conscious of it
XDA suggests that the problem is linked to the orientation of the display panel as It’s mounted upside down such as the OnePlus 5 panels This nevertheless is unconfirmedOnePlus did really investigate the situation about jelly scrolling on the OnePlus 5 prior to announcing that the result was natural Due to this a replacement under warranty wouldnt be possible for owners looking for that as a remedy It seems probable that Lenovo would find things the Exact Same manner
What are the ideas on the Topic of jelly scrolling Can it be a huge issue Give us your ideas in the comments
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