New Google app starts rolling out to Android users some arent happy Download

Brand New Google app begins rolling out into Android consumers  arent now tab transparent 840x498
Google has restored its own Android program Building a few changes to its Google Now cards and performance These adjustments dont do much to change the heart encounter but add some aesthetic and practical tweaks maybe not all of which are being well received
Immediately noticeable is that the new layout of this Google Feed panel located from the left-most home display when using the Pixel Launcher That is currently semi-transparent showing the apparatus background in the spaces round the Today Cards a characteristic that was first seen back in June This arrives along with a brand new tabbed arrangement around the Google Now landing page opened once you tap on the Google Program That’s currently divided into three segments Home Upcoming and Recent
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House is the area where youll find the recognizable card interface Whilst coming can be connected to a calendar and email accounts to bring you personalized advice on whats happening on your calendar Recent meanwhile is Where youll find your search history
Since You May Have exercised these changes imply that your forthcoming events no more look over the news cards at the Principal Home feed but rather are stored exclusively within their profile Its an alteration That’s going to feel strange at first but it may cause enhanced efficacy in the Future isnt it better to have both different cards stored independent and set out more clearly
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Still another shift that already Appears to Be causing disappointment among fans is the cards may no more be swiped off Rather you Want to tap the hamburger three dots menu and then pick done on this story see over right
That in all honesty doesn’t seem like a poor movement Google has swapped a handy one-tap gesture to get a two tap gesture That Needs a more exact press It May seem like a little thing to casual users but people That Are Utilized to regularly deleting cards aint gont enjoy it And its not even since you can swipe involving tabs since you cant
Many folks will have already been seeing this shift for some months while some may only have access to a number of the latest features Judging by the Amount of accounts popping up it sounds like Google is rolling up the upgrade out on a bigger scale today so You Ought to be up and running with the Entire feature set shortly
What are the ideas on the most recent changes to the Google App Let us know in the comments
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