OnePlus wants to improve customer service by hearing what you have to say Download

OnePlus wishes to boost customer support by hearing everything you need to sayOnePlus 5 Gold 9 of 10 840x473
Client service is one of the things that helps make or break a young firm especially just as young as OnePlus That’s known for its less-than-stellar customer support It sounds like OnePlus understands that also because the firm announced it will hold an open discussion to listen to your concerns
Dubbed the Open Ears Forum that the get-together gives people the Chance to directly Speak to members of OnePlus senior leadership staff to broadcast their opinions and hints
There are a Couple of things to Remember the first being that the Open Ears Forum will be held in London in late September Probably Due to the place the open discussion will be an English-speaking occasion so It May be best to attend only in the Event That You speak fluent English Ultimately anybody that applies and resides everywhere in Europe and has approved to your open forum will have their journey and a night in a hotel paid for by OnePlus
Speaking of that programs for your Open Ears Forum are nicely open until August 27 If you Reside in Europe and wish to Speak to OnePlus at a constructive manner regarding its client support make your way to the origin link under While youre at it tells us in the comments what you think about OnePlus customer service and what the firm can do to enhance it
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