Take a break and chat in this weekend’s comments thread

Everything irritating has been postponed till Monday.

CES is over, and all of us noticed a ton of stuff that anyone hopes we need to purchase. And we would possibly even need to purchase a few of it, so long as it really works in addition to the product demo movies display. I am getting a kick out of the little issues that finally end up on a desk or in a sales space there. The giant stuff from the large names overshadows them, however foolish such things as tiny unhappy robots are nonetheless amusing to peer.

Another factor I will be able to’t assist however consider after we see consumerism on show at a display like CES is what occurs to all this stuff as soon as no one needs it any more. I am hoping that televisions and telephone circumstances and tiny robots all get correctly recycled as soon as they have got reached their finish, however I’ve a feeling a lot of it nonetheless will get buried in the desolate tract someplace like packing containers of E.T. Atari cartridges. Two thousand years from now, long run archeologists will assume we had been insane and savage once they dig all of it up.

Anyhoo, it used to be 70-degrees the previous day and it is snowing at this time so I need to consider the rest but even so the elements. Take a minute and percentage what you might be as much as this weekend whilst I take a seat right here and marvel why I ever left Florida.

Take a break and chat in this weekend’s comments thread

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