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Phablets or smartphones with display sizes larger than 6 inches can cause quite a divide in opinion The large form factor is a complete deterrent for most people yet There’s a niche audience for these big smartphones young Men and Women who watch a Great Deal of videos or are gaming enthusiasts or professionals who enjoy the large real estate when emailing or working on documents and spreadsheets
Its actually quite addictive If You’re Able to live with the size not that the latter is easy And then theres the Massive battery life a natural outcome of the large cell that a Massive phone manages to pack in
After introducing the Mi Max last year Xiaomi has now launched the Mi Max 2 While It’s mostly a progressive iteration of the first generation device does it make for a compelling phablet and should consumers coming from regular-sized smartphones pick one up Lets find out in our review
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With a 644-inch display the Mi Max 2 is huge in size and despite what the company wants to assert its not really a comfortable phone to use when youre walking or juggling around with more than one tasks Typing with one hand is a tough task by Way of Example and its too big for Any Sort of pocketBut lets get it out of the way because thats precisely why youd want to pick this phone up Its a big phone and at that its designed quite well
For a mid-range smartphone the Mi Max 2 looks quite nice and the metal chassis gives it a definite premium feel The construction quality is solid and the matte black variant looks stunningAt 76 mm its also quite slim and its remarkable that it packs the big 5300 mAh battery that it does Its not light over 200g but the weight is evenly distributed and it doesnt feel heavy at the top Also the rounded edges and sloping back make it easier to hold
The fingerprint scanner on the back is a tad difficult to reach especially in the Event That You have smaller hands On most occasions I had to use two hands to place my index finger on the scanner not entirely because it was out of reach but because I was conscious of not dropping the phone Because of the awkward lack of grip when extending the finger
The bottom of the device sports two symmetrical grilles on either side of the USB Type-C port Thats mostly cosmetic because only one of them is a Genuine speaker
Overall the Mi Max 2 is almost similar in size to its predecessor but the design and finish is definitely more refined this time around and more aligned with the Xiaomi design language that weve seen recently
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The Mi Max 2 features a Complete HD 644-inch display which gives it a pixel density 342ppi A higher resolution on a phone of this size wouldve been nice but that wouldve also required a more powerful processor
The display Provides a decent level of color reproduction and the contrast is good and it looks vibrant The brightness levels are just about okay and phone also offers good daylight visibility but auto-brightness doesnt always work well and I had to resort to manual calibration sometimes
Unfortunately the viewing angles are limited which is a tad disappointing for a smartphone that aims to please video consumersThe Mi Max 2 also boasts of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection That Ought to help protect the panel against the odd bump and scrape
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The Mi Max 2 is powered by Qualcomms Snapdragon 625 processor a popular and a capable chipset for smartphones in this price segment Still its a step down from the Snapdragon 652 found on the original Mi Max and specs sheet watchers Will Probably be a tad miffed
However combined with the 4 GB RAM it packs in and the balance it aims to strike between raw processing and power consumption the Mi Max 2 is an able performer Yes it is apparent that It’s underpowered in outright speed comparisons and benchmark tests but in Real-world usage the performance isnt an issueThe phone chugs along nicely while juggling multiple apps or playing graphic-intensive games At any point there was a little less than 2 GB RAM left available out of its 4GB pool so multitasking isnt an issue
The Mi Max 2 packs in a large 5300 mAh battery which easily gives two days of battery life on a single charge even if youre a heavy user like myself Xiaomi claims 11 hours of non-stop gameplay and the claim isnt misplaced I streamed HD movies from Amazon Prime Video continuously for over 12 hours starting at full charge and still had some juice left when I was done Nice Harry Potter marathon by the way
The Mi Max 2 also supports Qualcomms Quick Charge 30 and parallel charging which Is Quite important for smartphones with this big a battery else it takes annoyingly long to charge fully Mi Max 2 takes less than two hours to go from zero to 100 percent charge That’s impressive
Clearly the focus of the innards on the Mi Max2 is power efficiency and the Snapdragon 625 chipset proves to be a Wonderful workhorse without guzzling into the Huge battery A fine choice then
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The Mi Max 2 sports a hybrid SIM slot so you can either use two SIMs or one SIM and one microSD card a Great Deal of multimedia hoarders who use two SIMs dont usually like this arrangement more so in a device targeted towards that group but theres a generous 64 GB internal storage and Several people will be content with that
The Mi Max 2 includes an IR blaster so you can control your home appliances using your phone as a remote It works with a with Many Different appliances and brands Theres also a USB Type-C port this time around instead of the microUSB on the Mi Max That’s a nice and welcome progression
Thankfully the smartphone boasts stereo speakers That Offer quite a loud sound While one of the speakers is at the bottom the other one is next to the earpiece This arrangement is slightly awkward for directional stereo sounds but not many people will notice it
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The camera on the Mi Max 2 is just about okay The 12-megapixel rear camera with an f22 aperture manages to capture photos with good color reproduction and contrast in daylight but the lack of detail Is Quite apparent The phase detection autofocus mechanism facilitates faster focusing and works quite well in daylight
In low light though the camera is a hit-and-miss and captures average photos Most photos are noisy and the lack of sharpness hurts the overall image quality Theres dual LED flash but it ends up washing out the subject and I didnt really like using itThe 5-megapixel front camera takes good enough selfies in daylight That’s Not so pretty ones in low light
The video quality is also pretty good and in well-lit conditions It’s remarkable However since theres no optical image stabilization most videos tend to be quite shaky especially since its hard to hold a large phone with a steady hand Theres also support for shooting time-lapse and slow-motion videos
The Mi Max 2 is Xiaomis first device to be powered by Android Nougat from the box It runs the companys proprietary UI layer MIUI 85 based on Android 711
While the interface may be considered slightly bloated by some and is often behind on major Android updates the design will feel very familiar to MIUI fans Xiaomi has worked hard to offer nifty features and utilities on top of Android to Improve everyday user experience Theres Dual Apps that allows two instances of the Identical app so you can open up two conversations in WhatsApp Second Space That allows users to keep their personal and work setup separate and a Reading Mode that reduces glare on the display
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A couple of these features are quite important for the phablet actually Theres a one-handed mode that reduces the UI size for a one-handed on-the-move use And theres the Quick Ball which allows shortcuts to your preferred apps by just swiping on one side of the screen
Despite running the latest Android version Mi Max Two doesnt Provide split-screen Performance which Is Actually a missed opportunity on a device with large display However Xiaomi has announced that the feature will roll out with an update soon and is already available in beta
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The Mi Max 2 is a Exceptional device that sits right on the intersection of a large smartphone and a portable tablet as a Great Deal of Individuals shrug their shoulders looking at the device There’s a definite market for it as was evident by the success of Mi Max
The Mi Max 2 is a nice progressive iteration of the idea The refined design and the Unbelievable battery life make for a well-rounded package The camera Isn’t the Very Best and the processing power isnt top tier yet at INR 16999 270 in India it Is an Excellent Choice for Anybody who wants a phone with a large display or wants a power bank with smartphone features thrown in
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