YouTube TV to add new channels and markets along with a price increase

YouTube TV is a nice carrier for the ones having a look to forestall paying for cable, however its collection of channels remains to be lovely mild. It additionally is probably not to be had for your marketplace as Google is step by step rolling it out.

Fortunately, it seems like there’s going to be but some other replace to the carrier. A now-removed publish via BuzzFeed will have shared some embargoed information in regards to the carrier’s upcoming adjustments.

The carrier will quickly be to be had within the towns of Champaign, Charleston, Columbia, Burlington, Dayton, El Paso, Harlingen, Honolulu, Lexington, Mobile, Petersburg, Plattsburgh, Richmond, Scranton, Springfield, Syracuse, Wichita, and Wilkes-Barre, bringing the overall up to over 100 towns.

The new channels to be added are Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, CNN, TBS, TNT, truTV, and Turner Classic Movies. Basketball lovers will likely be getting NBA TV, MBA video games, Allstar weekend, and playoffs. Baseball lovers gets the MLB Network and MLB Postseason video games. Soccer (excuse me, soccer) lovers get UEFA football, and golfing lovers get the PGA championships. For an additional subscription rate, the choice of MLB.TV and NBA League Pass can be to be had.

Unfortunately, this may increasingly additionally come with a price increase. Current subscribers will proceed to pay the $35 a month, however new subscribers will likely be paying $40 a month after March 13.

These new channels will likely be to be had on February 14, if the publish is to be believed. We may have to look ahead to Google to make an legit announcement. Nonetheless, the new channels are welcome. If you’re all for YouTube TV, it’s a excellent time to enroll whilst the price remains to be low!

YouTube TV to add new channels and markets along with a price increase

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